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Unlock your child’s potential

At in:genius, we understand that every child has unique strengths and learning styles. That’s why our diverse range of academic and enrichment programmes are designed to support your child’s academic success and ignite their passion for learning. From core subjects like English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Science to in-demand skills like Coding, we provide a comprehensive learning experience that empowers your child to thrive.

Experienced and nurturing educators

Our teachers are subject matter experts with decades of proven track record teaching students and adapting to different students’ learning styles.

They are also well adept at creating a positive and effective learning environment to ensure students feel supported and empowered in their academic journey.

Thoughtfully crafted curriculum

Our curriculum is aligned with MOE’s framework, ensuring students are acquiring essential knowledge and skills appropriate to their levels.

We also incorporate diverse teaching methods like discussions, hands-on activities, manipulatives to keep students engaged and actively involved in their learning.

Optimal teaching ratio

We recognise that younger students often benefit from smaller class sizes as they require more individual attention and supervision alongside their academic learning.

As such, our classes are kept small for each student to have ample opportunities to participate actively with their peers and stay engaged during our lessons.

Hassle free experience

Our classes are conducted during the student care hours, thereby saving you the trouble of bringing your child to enrichment centres during weekends or weekday evenings.

In alignment with the centre, tuition assignments are done in class and our carefully crafted schedule ensures the students can complete their schoolwork as well.

Monitoring learning progress

Our team provides termly reports to parents to update on the student’s strengths, weaknesses, as well as areas where the child can work on to improve.

There will also be regular quizzes to assess the students’ level of understanding and ensure that they have internalised what they have learnt during the lessons.

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The centres will ensure that the child completes his/her homework either before or after the tuition lesson. As a policy when planning lessons, we take particular care not to have more than 1 lesson for the same level in the same day. This will ensure that the child has sufficient time to complete the other tasks in the student care centre and also to ensure the child does not get burned out.

Lessons are conducted every week and are 1.5 hours long per lesson.

Each class will only have students of the same level as our curriculum is developed to cater to the needs and learning objectives of each level.

We understand that parents entrust the in:genius centres to supervise the completion of their child's school work. Therefore, the tuition assignments will generally be completed and reviewed during the lessons.

Our classes are generally kept small so that learning can be more effective. Averagely, our class sizes do not exceed 12 students.