Unleash Your Child's Inner Champion -
Boost Your Child’s Problem Solving And Strategic Thinking Skills!

At in:genius, we believe in investing in your child’s intellectual and social development, especially during student care hours. As such, we have partnered with internationally certified Chess Grande to launch our very own Chess Programme. Designed specifically for young minds between the ages of 7 and 12, this programme will transform your child’s time at the centre into a strategic learning adventure, and turn your child from pawns into powerful strategists!

Embark Elite Chess Mentorship with Accomplished Coaches – Be mentored by our accomplished coaches, each seasoned within the competitive and strategic echelons of respected institutions.

Benefits of Learning Chess

Chess challenges kids to think several moves ahead, planning and anticipating their opponent's moves. This strengthens critical thinking and problem-solving skills, valuable tools for academics and beyond.

The game requires intense concentration, improving a child's ability to focus and filter out distractions. This translates to better attention spans in school and other activities.

Chess involves remembering various piece movements, strategies, and past games. This helps develop and strengthen memory function.

Mastering new skills builds a sense of accomplishment and boosts confidence. As children progress in chess, they'll experience the joy of success, motivating them to learn and grow in other areas.

Playing chess with friends or classmates fosters social interaction and communication skills. Children learn to take turns, strategize together, and analyze situations from different perspectives.

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Our classes range between 8 to 10 students. This ensures personalised attention and customised learning trajectories.

Our instructors comprise of passionate and dedicated chess coaches who are driven by a core mission: to
instill valuable life lessons in young minds through the game of chess. They are certified FIDE (international governing body for Chess) Instructors with anywhere from 5 to more than 10 years of experience.

Our classes are designed to make chess accessible to everyone, whether you're a beginner, new to the game, or simply interested in exploring its rich educational potential. In contrast to the traditional elitist approach that often concentrates on nurturing top-tier talent, we believe that chess has something valuable to offer to individuals from all walks of life.

On a termly basis, we will be assessing your child to determine their progression to the next skill level. Moreover, your child will also have an opportunity to participate in competitions, both internally and externally, to hone his skills against other opponents.