English Excellence

Being proficient in English is at the core foundation of being able to learn well in Primary Schools and in life. Without a proper grounding in English, children also find it hard to decode Mathematics word problems, or Science questions!

Strengthen your child’s foundation and stretch his/her potential in the English language! At in:genius by NASCANS, our English programmes are thoughtfully crafted by our in-house English experts to build up students’ confidence and exam-ready skills to excel in their examinations.

Key Highlights

  • Comprehensive coverage of exam components from Papers 1 (Writing), 2 (Language Use and Comprehension), 3 (Listening Comprehension) and 4 (Oral Communication) to help students excel in exams and the PSLE
  • Spiral progression learning approach to deepen the understanding of the core English components that will aid the students’ growth towards mastering the language
  • Authentic and meaningful contexts for language learning using a thematic approach to aid students in their understanding and retention of information
  • Specially curated content (fiction and non-fiction) of different text types for students to acquire proficiency in grammar, vocabulary and text structures
  • Study notes included in worksheets to allow for easy revision
  • Pre-lesson online activity uploaded every week to boost students’ learning before every lesson
  • Weekly quiz after each class via online learning management system to test understanding & promote student engagement
  • Varied teaching adoptions to facilitate and optimise the learning outcomes for every individual student
  • Added convenience and hassle-free experience for weekday classes conducted during student care hours