Science Excellence

Many children are naturally curious about the world around them, and why certain phenomena occur. Needless to say, Science is also one of the four examinable subjects in PSLE, so it helps to be strong in Science to help boost your child’s overall PSLE performance!

Discover your child’s full potential in Science and unlock their scientific mind at in:genius by NASCANS! Our Science Excellence program is carefully crafted to make Science learning both engaging and enjoyable. Additionally, the program focuses on building strong fundamentals, such as critical and creative thinking, as well as effective communication skills. At in:genius by NASCANS, your child can unlock their full potential in Science and beyond.

Key Highlights

  • Inquiry approach to nurture students’ curiosity about the things around them, build their confidence, equip them with scientific terms and concepts as well as skills to develop habits of mind, ethics and attitudes
  • Integrated curriculum (whenever it allows; especially integration within the various themes as well as other subject disciplines)
  • Comprehensive study notes to allow for easy revision
  • Experimental kits for investigative hands-on learning
  • Interesting reading exercises/passages with authentic contexts to develop global perspectives and make connections between real-world examples and scientific concepts
  • Oral presentations and reflective practices